Benefit from the trustedDialog advantages

The continuous increase in fraudulent emails has led to an increased distrust of email senders. The trustedDialog quality standard helps to counteract this and offers people/companies who send legitimate emails a way to clearly label their emails as such. As a result, trustedDialog facilitates secure and trustworthy dialog marketing.

Through a thorough certification process, which includes sender authentication and verification of content integrity, trustedDialog offers reliable email delivery and the best possible protection against viruses, spam and phishing. Legitimate emails are clearly identified and marked as trustworthy. This makes it possible to immediately determine whether the email originates from a reputable sender.

In addition to the effective delivery of emails, trustedDialog offers these advantages:

  • High confidence in the authenticity of the sender/sending company
  • Greater awareness through email seal and brand logo in inbox
  • Increase in important metrics such as open and click-through rates

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